can there really be any change in this country?

in nigeria politics,the same set of people recling the seat of power bt now in another either political system uniform or in anothr party tag jacket. hmmmmm......God you need to intervene


  • Corruption can only be ameliorated and not totally eradicated in Nigeria, by the Grace of God. God bless Nigeria
  • We are the Government the main problem this country has is becaus the are in the hands of do as I say we don't need to have any proble with are leather because the on top power that is above their power is only God can chang Nigeria and I know that one day God will set us free
  • Nigerians can make the difference if true federalism/regionalism is being maintained in the system, this would go a long way in returning competitiveness within the States of the Federation; thereby rekindling new inventive ideas among Nigerians.
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