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Nigeria's Ambassador to the US, Professor Adebowale Adefuye, has been named the King Legacy honoree for international service, even when Nigeria's image is taking a hard hit in the American media over the nation's cultural disdain of homosexuality.


  • We thank God.

    The Former Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Akinwunmi Adeshina is also the New President of the African Development Bank. We thank God for Nigerians making us proud world over.
  • month Before the expiration of my rent my landlord increased house rent by over 100%,and broke up the compund floors,pipes gates,n generally made the place unconducive .now I hve written to him telling I would vacate the property and hve asked for legal Lagos state period of time to leave....what legal actions can I take against him ...if he turns aggressive towards evicting me. Thank you
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