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What are the measures to be taken to prevent corrupt leaders from reclying themselves into leadership positions?


  • Savndaniel, a friend of mine always says that a nation gets the leaders it deserves. I feel the following things can prevent corrupt leaders from getting back into leadership positions. First is to expose them so that the citizens/electorate can know their corrupt activities. Secondly, the people are to ensure that they do not vote for those individuals; and third, after the election and their ejection from office, they should be properly tried before a competent court or tribunal.

    God bless Nigeria.
  • Amen. Thank you Babade for embelishing my horizon with a clearing and better understanding of the law.
  • You are welcome, sir. Always feel free to ask and invite friends of like minds to do the same. Together, we can make Nigeria a better place.
  • Nig politics can not be divorced from poverty, electorates are wallowing in abject poverty and with this the future looks blur to them.As a result they rearly care about what tomorrow holds for them and dance dramatically to the tune of our corrupt leaders who are fund of sharing goodies during election period.
    Unless the electorates are ready to sacrifice and have clear vision,the days of corrupt leaders may never come to an end.
  • Simplesolar, I agree with your position.
  • To prevent corrupt leaders into leadership position; to my own knowledge befor any body can be raised as a candidate,people should know his background before laying him down to represent the people.Secondly may be we should let the people who raise from poverty,I mean people that no the meaning of poverty and has human feeling I think it will reduce currupt leaders.
  • @Kaysmithfreshsmyth, I agree with your first point. I equally add that electing leaders with a track-record of integrity is paramount.

    Regarding the second point, the fact that one came from a poor background does not mean the person will not be corrupt. For instance, in school politics, you must have seem people from poor backgrounds embezzle students funds because they have not had the magnitude of money at their disposal prior to their ascension of political office while students from wealthy backgrounds will even spend their personal funds to ensure that student programmes go on successfully.

    Thus, ensuring that political leaders to be appointed have a track record of integrity based on the knowledge of the individual is key as opposed to the background from which the individual is coming from.
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