To make Nigeria a save place

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  • They most βε̲̣̣̣̥ ℓ<3♡√ε̲̣̣̣̥ and laws emback  Ξѷҿ۴ӳ citizen O̶̷̩̥̊͡ƒ Ʈђε̲̣̣̣̥ country
  • It the work of our police
  • Though the police have a major role to play, every one must also ensure his or her own personal security.
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    I will love to categorically state(although, I stand to be corrected) that making Nigeria a safe nation/sate, these things must fall in place:

    *Adequate security to life and property by the government to the people. Although, personal security should not be an oversight(you must be security conscious);

    *The rule of law must be respected: equality of the law to all, enforcement of the law to all;

    *Domestic violence should not be taken lightly: this includes tolerating acts of terrorism shouldn't be debatable;

    *There shouldn't be any form of delay or politics in prosecuting offenders: this includes whether or not the offender is a public figure. --Justice should not be sold!;

    *Stiffer punishment should be awarded to gross crimes: offences that fall within the purview of cases like lynching and likes.

    I believe if these things are in place and enforceable, any nation will be safe to live-in. Nobody will want to dwell in a country where the above stated issues are lacking.
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    @Babade, I agree with you: The police should not be the only ones to assure security in Nigeria. I think it should be a collective thing.
  • Savndaniel, apart from thanking you for your comment, I also say that I agree with you regarding the points you gave as the way forward.

    God bless Nigeria.
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