Goodluck Jonathan second term bid



  • We should be conscious of the fact that, by PDP's constitution, the south has turn of leadership by 2015 and 2019.
    Because we are from certain parts of the country and the rule doesn't favour us yet is not an excuse to be irrational.
    GEJ or not let's put this in mind!
  • I have heard enough of BADLUCK EBELE JONATHAN
  • Pls no doubt Goodluck has done his best, can't he just understand that this country does not need him anymore, his he nt watching d movement of the country, he should be grateful to God becos no one ever believe a southern would be president some day and not as early as this, pls on this note I humbly submit that Goodluck should continue with maing history by willing not coming out for second term which he cannot get (an d naija revolutionist) join us on fb @ Revolutionary naijaa youths
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    Goodlock or Badlock?we don't need him again.Just step down.pls.
  • Ether second term or not ether goodluck or buari that not nigeria problem the most important thing is good governances,rule of law and nigeria to be great again thank you god bless NIGERIA
  • Stephen, like you said, God bless Nigeria.
  • Pls, Nigerians Goodluck is nt our problem as an individual rather those in his cabint. So lets go home and talk to those from our states who are in the exco.
  • If a system is weak, there's no way a unit will be strong. So let all hands be on desk.
  • "As OBJ likely said that we are the cause of our problem and that the can also be solved by ourselves" pls lets know that Goodluck or badluck was/is nt the cause
  • Let's be frank, this type of man can not move this country from step 1 to step 2.
    He will be setting thieves free, where we are suffering from insecurity.
    How such such not an act of licence to corruption?
  • Zuby,u talk well as a human being,ur question is right,Goodluck is a failure leader,the rightful leader will soon come in,by God grace,i don t want mr Goodluck again 4 2015 let us work 4 APC candidate 4 nixt coming general election.
  • I appreciate every post and everyone’s interest in the growth and development of Nigeria. Come 2015, let’s register when it’s time, support the candidate we feel is right, vote and protect our votes. It’s good to know that we all still have a heart for Nigeria. It is well.
  • I equally appreciate the fact that most of my fellow Nigerians are passionate about our dear country. It is very difficult to build, especially a country that past leaders took there turn destroy on the basis "na our turn". Mr. Is doing his bit and let's see if all his efforts will be visible convincingly to deserve your 2nd vote. Keep believing in Nigeria.
  • Petrusido, we will keep believing in Nigeria
  • As far as am consign good luck is best president so far bt d truth is we don't need him there anymore that's all
  • D constitution of nigeria states dat d security nd welfare of d people shall be d primary purpose of d government nd if any man calld a leader fails in either of d dix, he z no worth a crown::: GEJ haz failed us xo let him step aside 4 anoda man
  • I grew up as an orphan, not educated but willing to be I will only cast my vote to president goodluck J on the condition of being sponsored in school.
  • GEJ my PVC belongs 2 u!
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