(PHCN). Power Holding Company Of Nigeria PLC.

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Asking Nija people to pay total due now, and there can't give us 1h light, just off nd on.


  • PHCN, giving us high bill to pay in Lagos and some part of nija. y? No reading of meter.
  • The PHCN is empowered to inspect meters, demand for and collect money for the provision of electricity. In the event of an unusual or excessive bill, you are at liberty to make a formal complain in writing to the PHCN office nearest to you (preferably in writing). An explanation would be given regarding the rate.

    It is most advisable to use pre-paid metre as users of this mode hardly complain of excessive bills being that they pay for the amount of electricity used.

    I hope this answers your question and allays your fears.
  • Y unstable power supply,even though we pay for the services PHCN is suppose to make Nigeria proud or why did the staff attend university.....dem dey fuck up
  • Y unstable power supply,even though we pay for the services PHCN is suppose to make Nigeria proud or why did the staff attend university.....dem dey fuck up
  • Jessekaro,  we thank you for your contribution. The despicable state of the power sector and the request for suggestions on the way forward has been addressed in a different thread.

    The high level of corruption in that sector led to the commercialization of NEPA and its change to PHCN. Despite that, the challenges faced by the sector did not desist. In providing a way forward, PHCN was un-bundled and it is in the process of being completely sold to competent private individuals. This is an attempt to make the sector viable as private businessmen will not love to see their investment plummet under the guise of corruption.

    We pray it is a step in the right direction. In the event you have a better suggestion, you can put it forward. It would be greatly appreciated.
  • Nepa was taking away from gvt to individual as phcn only to escape temptation by corruption.
    It now appear to be that the owner/s has fully represented the Gvt as per the corrupt act of their staffs this day.
  • Wow all dis is lies, nepa or whatever phcn, has made nigeria low proud people of owning electricity as a result of many souces provider( it provide electricity to many country) but yet they enjoy light more than us y, in the coun3 it only those that that has lister only enjoy and knw what is light dis is worster in cross river as wel as in biase
  • It is true, form reports, that Nigeria supplies electricity to Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana and other neighbouring countries. It is pitiable that these countries are enjoying stable electricity supply while we are wallowing in darkness. However, a number of corrupt factors are responsible for our situation. Top of the list, from reports, is that a number of projects relating to power are being purposely delayed by those in charge in collaboration with generator importers in the country. Quite sad but that is the situation we find ourselves in. Request for accountability to those in charge is one way I feel we can curb this.
  • Phcn are run mad in nigeria,why nigeria peoples still hate there self,we are black and our heart also dark that why nigeria don't hve progress.those. People that are in charge of phcn in nigeria, l will cause u today that u put people in darkness of earth ,God will also put u people in own darkness in judgement,now people are surfering for light at ogun state,lagos,ibadan some hospital need night,dnt u belief that u have kill so many people.God will not hve u people mercy if u dnt change.
  • There is no system working fine in Nigeria at all. PHCN is rip off. May God make this nation sane someday anyway.
  • Is there no way we can open the market to several private companies in order to encourage competition? Competition will give people and the citizens of Nigeria the option of using a reliable service! And the family the services are not reliable to get to use another!
  • In my last comment I meant to say if the services are not reliable people can get to use another that is if we have many options on the plate.
  • we have pay light bill without using the light phcn ?
  • Buhari shd probe this evil sector from 1999.
  • Cash 12, we appreciate your visit to this site and your contribution. However, we do not appreciate curses and swear words on this site. We appreciate discussions on issues and suggestions on the way forward. God bless you, God Bless PHCN and their workers and God bless Nigeria.

    ApenaOlamide, truly, there are a number of things not working in Nigeria. However, we as Nigerians need to engage the government on these issues and to proffer suggestions on the way forward.

    Chilos204, I agree with you on the need for competition. Looking at the telecommunication sector of Nigeria, the bringing in of competitors like the then Econet (Now Airtel) and MTN came to break the monopoly of NITEL in that sector.

    However, due to the nature of electricity, it might not be so easy to change power service provider as the electric poles and wires serve a large number of areas and different people with different interests.

    The alternative that can break the monopoly of the power sector is to use other sources of energy. Solar and wind mills are ready examples. Also, certain areas can come together to get alternative sources of power. For instance, Alausa in Ikeja makes use of Gas-to-Power for electricity generation which makes them have 24 hours electricity and they do not pay bills to PHCN (now un-bundled and privatized). I was once informed that Lekki were also brewing the idea of having a power station from alternative energy. With these in place, there will be less reliance of PHCN and this will provoke them to perform better.
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