how does dis 1999 constitution favoured the poors people

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Poor people were being depride of their wealth and does leaders did not follow the law


  • Lever of unemploymemt is go a wire ,govt keep on makin empty promise work- force . Nothing were done in constitution amendment for youth of these Nigeria
  • I believe the government has made it possible for us to hold our leaders accountable for what they "claimed to have spent" with public funds through freedom of information. The funny thing was when i looked through the constitution which i downloaded in my phone, all i saw was freedom of press. My question is this: is freedom of press the same or equivalent to freedom of information? If yes then the power is in the hands of the masses.
  • We Nigeria ever change
  • According to research, 80% of Nigerians are living in abject poverty. The issue of 'poverty in Nigeria' needs to be addressed properly. Thanks
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