corruption, weak institutions and our woo's

Let me say this and for the umpteenth time too, the bane of the Nigerian state is more of mediocrity than invisibility of the powers that be. Weak Government, weak judiciary, predominantly currupt law enforcement agency. We are in the woods and led by individual suffering from chronic idea drought and incompetency. Can't we question our fathers at home when they go astray, our mothers when they compromise their? Whether in our homes, churches or mosques, schools and even inside ourselves, our leaders have failed us!


  • May God help us.It shall be wel with Nigeria
  • Nigeria is weak, Nigeria is weak when are we going to be strong? Anyway, we all deserve what we've gotten, as Nigerians what do we want the persident to do? Kill himself? The man is not weak, he is only covering mistakes with mistakes, with his enemies dinning on the same table with him.
  • Niger we need to improve
  • Millions of Nigerian innocently die everyday either by road or by straigth bullet and so many other way,
    And if one soul drop frm d so call govrnment they will open dere dirty tooth and be cryin heaven wil not only desend death on all d govt official but on all dere children they wil never expirience anytin but tears every year,as dey are workin hard to take Nig backward so shal all dere generation will be backward in grave,we Nig youth we will never pray 4 u,anytime one of u drop dead we wil rejoice
  • Well is God almighty knows were we ar heading to
  • A short RAP SONG. Despite all the Happy This Happy That we celebrate
    Permanent joy we need, that's all we want here, instead of occasional celebrations
    2011 Their celebrate 9ja birthday in door Short down eagle square, because of the bokos
    A man without hope will throw more than bombs!
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