Sovereign National Conference???

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What do you think about this?


  • Pls we ned it if d can
  • Notn gud wil come out of it. They r only lukn 4 cheap popularity and waste of resource. It wouldnt take us anywer.
  • We really need a Sovereign National Conference if we are to make a headway because this marriage is not working. No need to pretend otherwise
  • Our politicians are hypocrites, they can surport it only on paper.
  • As it is now it is inevitable. No matter how long it takes, it will be held. Either in one nigeria or as former nigeria states. With the seemingly irredeemable quantum of lethergy and fear masquerading as hope, the choice of either of the options above is left in the self-serving politicians in power.
  • Soveriegn naional confrence is the lasting solution to the problem in Nigeria.My president please call for it and let peace reign.
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