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If we notice,when ever an explosion rocks anywhere in this country the Nigerians goes first to slam Mr. President for not taking some tough decision that will make Nigerians rise and say he is man enough to govern this country. Not putting into consideration that the explosions here and there that the Nigerian people experience is as a result of some greedy people who have decide to drain the future of our great nation,and knowing that change is about to come instead of withdrawing from the rubbish they have involved themselves,they preferred to go on and on killing Nigerians.
So don't blame His Excellency the President of our great nation Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for not taken some decision as we wanted,because the shark we Nigerians want out to keep this country safe for all the tribes,religions and to move the country forward are also top policians and men of high ranks in this country. How then do you think if the tough decision that you expects from Mr. President,will be effective? This is because they have all the plans and strategy the government may want to take is already known to them,so more wisdom needs to be apply


  • Oh God save us 4rm enemy of progress
  • All those who wants for a leader who will save us all from problems should get set, Co's he will soon come into public picture and his name is ANTI-CHRIST. The wants of people shall be his weapon to ENSLAVE the world
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