Dana Air Disaster

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Many Nigerians are blaming the president for the loss of over 150 lives to the sunday plane crash. How is GEJ to be blamed nah?


  • Well, if there was proper enforcement of the aviation rules, that plane wouldn't have been allowed to fly, so indirectly he shares in the blame!
  • Has d President done anything sensible since assuming office?
  • I really wanna show to whoever it concern to accePt my condolence its a tin of sorrow n I mourn with my fellow nigerians whom has been aFfected. To have hope for greater tins are coming
  • The President can't be outrightly exonerated if blames are to be apportioned. He ought to institute a stricter aviation control and implementation...its high time the Fed Govt re-assess her priorities in †ђξ light of unfolding realities,with †ђξ aim of adding value Ʈσ †ђξ lives of Nigerian.
    Dana Air shd be grounded åñđ the department in-charge of maintainance/ascertainment of air-worthiness be prosecuted accordingly Ʈσ serve as deterrent Ʈσ others.
    Nevertheless...i wish Ʈσ doff ♍‎​Ɣ hat Ʈσ †ђξ Hon Minister ƒ٥٢ aviation ƒ٥٢ her ingenuity åñđ commitment Ʈσwards rehabilitating ailing facilities in †ђξ industry.
    I pray God Ʈσ assuage †ђξ grieve of †ђξ families of †ђξ departed åñđ grant †ђξ souls of †ђξ departed eternal rest in his bossom.
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    May they souls rest in peace (Amen)
  • Is only when things like this happens that our men in authority will start showing that they can speak English, this our country is begining to piece me off, with the kind attitude our leaders exhibits on us the governed, they don't care about us, they should not worry with things keep going this way i will surely back fire them this is my earnest prayer on them unless the change for good. May their gentle soul RIP Amen.
  • RT If you can spare N1000, N2000, whatever amount, please don't only pledge, make the trip to donate to #DanaCrashActiontoday, 
  • RT @omojuwa#DanaCrashAction: Immediate Relief Aid, Relief Materials Drop-Off Points: http://bit.ly/MbhRtx #Update
  • RT @strongestpoint See this document for where u can drop off stuff if u want to http://scr.bi/M82YrJ #DanaCrashAction
  • I believe this is a time for all Nigerians to commiserate with the bereaved. Everyone (including the president) is unhappy about the plane crash. But this should not go without appropriate investigation after the mourning is over. I gathered that there are Relief Materials Drop-Off Points in Lagos 
    http://bit.ly/MbhRtx #Update
  • It saddens my heart when youth reacts to events that occurs in the country and the first blame goes to GEJ, in this Dana crash is it GEJ that is NCAA to inspect d plane before takeoff, or GEJ will be in abuja and b inspecting planes in lagos even d minister cannot be blamed bcos people have been given the responsibility yet they fail to do their work and even give false report, I wonder if its all this shallow minded youths that wants to take charge of affairs in the country.I wish everybody ll be given d opportunity to rule a state even a local govt let us see how well they ll fair. May God deliver us from ourselves in Jesus name, Amen!
  • It is a pity 2 lose so much people like dat. May God help AMEN
  • The federal government should lunch a serious investigation in this matter, the souls of all the people departed will surely cry for justice. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.
  • Someone should try and check out what the effect of the closure of lagos air space on satday cus d first lady was going to lagos..and see if it had any thing to do with the crash
  • God bless Nigeria, we need to stop throwing stones.
  • No amount of blame or curse can bring them back but we should all focus on restructuring the Aviation sector and make it the world safest planes to fly with strong economic relevance. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in perfect peace.
  • Dis is wat i call improper checking,and unseriousness to whom it may concern dat asked d pilot to fly along wit a precious souls dat we all are mourning infact it is a pity.It is only GOD dat i no will come and rescue us from d hands of our so call rulers and dose who occupy a good position at d airport who cannot propet confirm their work bfor giving a report.I pray dat GOD should accept d souls of d deceased into his bossom(Amen)
  • It's really a geat loss 2 us more sinpertetic to d pple involed.Allah ya jikan wanda suka rigamu
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    Well, chapter2 section14(2b) of the constitution says "It is here by accordingly declared that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of the government"

    we need tighter and proper enforcement of aviation policies period! to ensure this disaster doesn't happen again! God bless Nigeria
  • Negligence on the part of the govt and poor funding, lack of maintenance and also negligence on the part of DANA air line, a plane that has been noticed having landing gear problem yet still managing the plane while the govt did no sanction on the aviation company to stop the operation of the plane as if it is a car or bike. May God Almighty Allah heals the heart of the family of the victims and Nigeria as a whole
  • @Eghosewita,I give u a million kudos .I support ur comment.
  • @Zuby,We are all government,both of us av role to play.
  • Not all dat fly on air are birds. Y must all dis death,killings,kipnapin nd bokoharm hapan on GEJ term. If he has skulls 2 settle wit dem y dnt he do it so dat we poor citizens of dis bles land wuld slep wit our eyes close.
  • Our hearts and strong prayers go out to the families of the faithful departed. May God grant them eternal rest, in Jesus name.
    DANA Airways ought to be sued for corporate manslaughter. The government of the federal republic of Nigeria should be joined as a party. The tort of negligence would also avail the victims of the crash , I mean their representatives...
  • It's sad, but it now appears like we have to go overseas to seek for justice... 

    I read the other day that the husband of one of the crash victims was filing a lawsuit against Boeing and the estate of the late pilot's estate in the United states. My first thought was that the suit was just the work of a greedy man who was looking to profit from a sad event.
    However, his lawyer mentioned that the suit was filed in the US because they wanted to get answers and avoid the kind of cover ups that are common with crashes that occurred in the past. 

    You can find more on the story here... 
  • That is painful thing life .may God help us
  • Dear all, you can view first phase of the Danacrash report by Seun Fakuade http://seunfakze.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/the-danacrashaction-report-with-account-details/
  • And in reality, it is almost a year after the Dana Air Crash occurred.
  • A year has passed since this incidence occurred. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.
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