Changing Uni Lag to MAU Lag

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Does the president have the sole right to do this?


  • The president dose not have the sole right to do it,,cus unilag was established by an act. And for any changes to be made the laws guiding it must be followed..DO president can only propose for a change of name and not changing it by himself.....its the job of the national assembly
  • We are all talking about following the due process of the law in changing the name (and I quite agree with that argument) but we've failed to ask the question, "if/after the national assembly amends the Act establishing the University of Lagos, what will be our next line of argument? Brand protection?" :|
  • Then there would be nothing else .but just to accept it..but following due process would take a long time...and mind u time changes many things
  • Mr president u should tink on hw to build not hw to change names
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    What is the Senate doing about this?
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    It is autocratic on the part of a democratic govt not to consult the management and even sampling the concern before such decision, but it is obvious that the Fed.govt has nothing to show to Nigerians for the democracy day than to put the name of the icon of democracy in such a shambolic pretense of his love for MKO. No, student are not against Abiola but against the pronouncement of the Govt. With this it is glaring that GEJ is not what the masses thought he was before giving him the power to govern them but he is now a ruler and he is ruling autocratically. I hope we will be wise in the next election not to be fooled by any... We need to show that might is not right.
  • The bill for the amendment of the University of Lagos Act has passed second reading in the senate... once the bill is passed, then no one will be able to raise any eye brow anymore. GEJ is working, Nigeria is working 
  • But,why must it be unilag?
  • Hmmm!my people Niger go better.
  • Nothing bad in changing of name of the institution by Mr President, what went wrong was that the due process was not followed; many institutions had been renamed in the past - Obafemi Awolowo University, Ladoke Akintola University and the likes, so be it for UNILAG.
  • This are the type of leaders that we unfortunately have in this country, and what a national assembly that we have. If it were in some of the more advanced nation, Mr president would have been in serious trouble or may still earn him an impeachment . It just show how stupid ignorant those who are suppose to represent us are. As for the national assembly, i have only one word to describ them, money graders.
  • Am not surprised. Dat is why Unlag is been known 4 occultic activities, who is d due process if not His execellency d GEJ. As a student, ur duty is to pass ur exams & graduate, not name of ur school. Think twice. Thanx.
  • I do not see anything wrong with that,it is fedral govt that is financing all fedral institutions,so if its fill changing any of the institution. So be it!
  • What mr precident did is very bad coz he did't pass bill before taking any dessicion.
  • Dat is nt nigeria pressing problem it nt whot †ђε president shud border on †ђε minister shud be
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  • Even if u pple ar claimin ur right it shuld b placed wt due respect to d office of dis man...amicably by d power convey on him if he insist nothin non of u can do..u wil just waste ur tym,money,strenght n evryfin
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