Cash Refund.

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Hello Everyone, Greetings to you and the family. Please, would want to know if I have a case on a medical payment I made and having billed twice on an item, i requested for a refund , but the hospital keep giving excuses and delaying me on preparation of documentation to effect the refund of my cash. Please, will want to know if I can sue legally and in under what right. Thanks.


  • Good day Joet,

    You have a case and your civil right has been infringed upon. They were negligent in computing your medical expenses which made you suffer the financial loss of being billed twice for the same item.

    However, based on the presumed minimal sum the money might amount to, getting a lawyer to sue them might not be advisable as the cost of getting a lawyer is quite much. I will advise you make it official by writing a letter to them. If they fail to respond positively, you can write a petition to the Citizen's Mediation Centre nearest to them for a mediation of the dispute.

    I await your feedback. Cheers!
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