Law is it ment for evey citizens

I don't tinke so


  • law is meant for every citizen, but to every general rule there is always an exception.
  • Rule of law
  • @09023023622, as stated by @Queenafy, law is meant for every citizen. As a citizen, Section 24 of the Constitution of Nigeria imposes a duty on you to obey the law and constituted authorities. As such, disobeying the law is wrong, illegal and unconstitutional.

    As @Democrat stated, the rule of law is to be the order of the day. Everyone is to be subjected to the law and no one should be above the law.
  • I don't think anyone is supose to be above the law
  • i think if you follow rules than your system is running smoother else it goes the house of crime. every time i heard about crime news headline in Nigeria.
  • The law was suppose to be for everybody and not a particular set of persons, but in Nigeria hmmm... I don't think it works this way.
  • Its a very big issue ooo
  • @Gabriel Ayuk, the law is for everyone. No one is above the law. Anyone that goes against the law will surely be made to face the wrath of the law. With the right political will of the government, this can be done. Nigeria is on the right path and I believe we will get there.
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