The Mass Media and Nigerian Election

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Please, I would like to know where the duties played by the mass media during election is written in the constitution.
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  • election in Nigeria was one of d best the country hve ever witness nd the media contributed massive in consolidating our democracy despite so many challenge. media were stil able to report thins as it were nd not drawin d nation backward even many of d foriegn media jounalit, nd observar could report any thin that will tanach the image of the country jst becos they did see any bad report to write to the world sobut Nigeria, as were as INEC as a body nd even d two gladitor GMB nd Jonnath all contributed to d sucess of this Historic election.
  • The Constitution, the Acts passed by the National Assembly and other laws guide the conduct of individuals in the country.

    The Independent National Electoral Commission (I.N.E.C.) was established in accordance with Section 153(f) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The functions of the Commission are as stipulated in Part I of the Third Schedule to the 1999 Constitution.

    I.N.E.C is empowered to regulate, accredit and train observers, journalist as well as other officials that will perform responsibilities during an election. It is in furtherance to this Constitutional duties that I.N.E.C accredited the men of the mass media who covered the election and as @Eddy Osas Okhions said, the role of the mass media and observers in elections cannot be over emphasized.
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