Kindness is that that has been defeated before the manner.
    What we need with our officers is kindness. This KINDNESS is to be by UNITY. This UNITY is that the easier people to show might have failed; seperation & selfcentered service may now encouraged.
  • I am sorry to say, NIGERIA ENCOURAGE CORRUPTION indirectly.
    1) Our leader fail to feel How persons earning 12.000 naira or less must survive with pure hand in the midst of people earning huge like 150,000 naira or above, where they were both subject to equal cost of living.
    2) Our government designed OFFICES, which should be for woman, very high by salary difference over the field-works. Our agricultu...
  • Our agriculturists and engineers are running for office work.
    Everybody seems to be a pretender, (like father, like child) . Unless children desist from following fathers' foot step, we will never dream of good leadership.
    Then MAY GOD GRANT OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM AND OUR NATIONAL PLEDGE. Because, people face displeasure of god will never choose the righteous leaders.
  • Our law only work on our poormen. The law is totally abused. One will now fixed his favourite fellow at question points just to protect his selfish desire.
  • The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It is only when everybody; the leaders and the followers in Nigeria realize all the 'dos' and 'don't' of Almighty God that Nigeria's problems can be solved.
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    Nigeria is unripe for independent, thats why we are plagued by corruption, tribalism and all other evil vices enemical to the growth of a nation
  • Because d rulers are very greedy,they care only about their selves and nothing more
  • This our leaders made nigeria like a cake everybody cut his portion
  • Its not only the leaders,their followers are also guilty
  • God will hold the past and present leaders responsible for all the damages done to this country, not the followers.
  • Is Nigeria an independent Nation or are we still a colony?
  • We seriously need God's intervention in this country.
  • All this happennings is a call for revolutions..we love you Nigeria
  • If there unity ie if d north sees d west/east as their broda n sista, also if corruption can be curb by fixin a death penalty as d wage of embazzling public funds n finally wen parents especially mothers start trainin their children frm craddle dat if dey r opportune to hold public r not just there to better d lot of their family but rather r their 4 d masses cos charity they say begins at home
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