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  • Because our leaders are not united.
  • @kozywizzy:U only talk about leader,what of follower.
  • dis nigeria whden understand it agan
  • Is it happening to only me? When I check the dailies these days, I weep, all I see is corruption, agony, pain and decadence. @jolayemi there is no gainsaying the fact that everyone has a part to play but a citizen can only function in an environment of ambience created by the government. The citizen cannot provide electricity, security, water, good roads and transportation but I guess this is the Irony of governance in Nigeria, the citizen provides all these things. So isn't there a breach of the social contract already? should the citizen not complain when the government fails to do it's part?
  • I use 2 remember my past tot in 1986 during my primary days, my teacher use to tel me or us den dat we are the future of 2morw, nd den,it was d regim of Gen I B B nd Buhari, OBJ. Nd nw we r in d 21st centuri nd we r stil rule nd govner by same pple?
  • One of the reason for the present situation nig is in now is because,we the ruled are too impatient while our rulers/leaders are too anxious to satisfy our impatient demands...we all want every thing to be done at once...
  • I will say dat all these incridible situation or uncomfortable condition dat we all are suffering is because we all nigerian we dont love each and secondly we are so tribalistic towards one another it can not work perharps their will be conflit everywhere which we are experiencing in nigeria.So this is where d problems starts things cant work out fine if only we love ourselves,and have things in common,their will be no disaster anywhere
  • Let prayer for nig
  • One truth is diz, if all LGs,States, consttncies,senate zones,etc chanel well thier alloctns, diz Nig 'll seen as pure paradise on earth. The so called leaders only enrich theirselves. The hoipolios can go to blazes!
  • The way things are been done in this country and the current situation we are in now, if we dont sit up i,m afraid this country will one become a failed state just like what the former Canadian ambassador to Nigeria once said.
  • Nigerian problem is only prayers dat will help
  • According to Abraham Peters, wicklings wearing pants is irritative, not prayers, all hands must be on deck to achieving a sustainable development. Sensitise d hoipoloi to constructive criticism. Peace be on to Nigeria.
  • Who are d goverment ? We or who...bad pple rule
  • I have never seen a big for nothing country like Nigeria, is just a pity can u imagine that one of the most vibrant members and must the house of assembly is been accuse of bribery .in on going oil /fuel subsidy probe , what a shame.
  • Yes our cuntry is messing up,but 2 let every 1 know de future of dis very cuntry is in hands
  • Nigeria problem or challenges, is simple!(CORRUPTION) until,we kill and bury it,we will remain confusing ourselve. Imagine Fourak Lawan case. Hw cul someone be damanding 300m us dolla,to do wat? I weep this country!
  • We are nigeria,nigeria is we need 2 be pray all d time.bcouz is concern every one of us,if we pray,i believed dat nigeria wil totally change.
  • All what we need in this country is love and peace,But how can we do that? Hmmm that is the question we shuld ask our self's........
  • I pray for this country,dat God should help our leaders because before they get into office they promise heaven and earth to their supporters but when they get into office they change and this thing keep repeating itself,I pray it will not continue
  • Let's pray 4 dis country so dat God sud tek perfect control
  • De saw d past leadrs 4ot 4 freedom, amalgamated d northan nd southan region 2geda, brot abt peace nd unity under d legacy of Colonian leaders bt yet de lack Fidelity, hv man power bt rendered evry opptunty useless!.
  • Our problem in Nigeria @the moment is not even curruption there is something before curruption and that thing is this PDP of a party. It is the root or trigger cause of every problem ranging from curruption to the poverty we experience. I travelled to benin Republic and I was there for three weeks and I never saw the light blink or the water cease 4 a minuete. We have PDP's leadership as the worst this country will ever have.
  • May God help us in dis country. Amen
  • The very first problem of Nigeria is that we dont trust our leaders enough. Let us give them enough time to restructure the economy in tune with global economic trends. Secondly, our population is growing at a speed faster than our productive capacity. New towns and communities are springing up way ahead of our infrastructural development and maintenace. Nigeria needs much more than the annually budgetted amounts to catch up with population pressures. Unfortunately we cannot get all the money needed from petroleum alone hence the current FGN's search to expand income base and stem corruption.
  • Dis country is going els where
  • We are in pin leders pls du some tin
  • 9ija politicians are trading wit d electorates: investing on dem during campaign and gettin feedbacks 2ru mismanagement of public funds wen dey get 2 power..every policies implemented by our govt are mearnt to agonise d masses and makes life becom more enjoyable 4 themselves, dey offer us d opposites of d content of their manifestoes.i.e insecurity,inflation+unemployment,bombing,irregular power supply,increament in shools fees, kidnapping,frauding,remover of fuel subsidy and all other anti-human treatment...what is d way out ?
  • Nigeria is a great country. The solution to the problem of Nigeria is very simple. It is all about having National conference where all Nigerian cabals assemble and get them bombed. It is possible. Watchout for this oct1st, the prophecy shall come to pass.
  • Problems of Nigeria lays on individuals, government or societies.
    The individual problem that is of no help to ourself or our government is (1) lack of birth control (2) aiming a goal without beleive in any obstacle (3) beleive in I not We (ie: selfishness; This is very devastating to spirit of kindness.
  • Problems of Nigeria lays on individuals, government or societies.
    The individual problem that is of no help to ourself or our government is (1) lack of birth control (2) aiming a goal without beleive in any obstacle (3) beleive in I not We (ie: selfishness; This is very devastating to spirit of kindness.
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