Constitution Review: Nigerian Police

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-Should Nigeria maintain the current Police structure and system as in the Constitution?
-Should Nigeria have one police organisation which shall be constituted in such manner as to give State Governors control over the Commissioner of Police in their respective states?
-Should Section 214(1) be amended to enable the establishment of a State Police?


  • Nigerians are blind, they lack foresight, vision,senseless, hopeless, illiterates. Some pple Still believe dat it's de force dat is keeping Nigerians together, these re de utopians among Nigerians, untill great revolution happened in this country dat is wen u will know dat every Nigerian whether in force or civilian is on his own. @ dat time, division will start 4rm de forces, majority of corp members will join rebel grp y few will be loyal to govt. Have u ever observe dat they is no security relationship among our forces, have observe dat top officers doesn't work for de unity of this nation? Rather they are tribalistic, nepotic etc. Eg. If de IGP is a northerner and boko hrm are killing pple his first action is transferring service members 4rm south, east, n west to north to be scapegoats y his pple are send to west, east, n south south to steal, and rain havoc on de pple. Same situation is in all de forces. If u doubt me investigate 4rm de police, soldier, navy n airforce. Many boko haram are soldiers, navy, air force n police frm de nrth. Or are u nt aware. Create state police or zonal police n free de nation 4rm certain crimes. You are afraid dat governors will abuse de use/ rather monopolize de police, now dat de police is centralzed are de central power not abusing de use of police? Ve they not turned de police to an instrument of political warfare against oppositions?
  • I can't agree with what u hav said, or hw sure u are abt, d statement?
  • Nigeria should make sure they make use of their constitution.
  • I we save in this country boko haram + kidnappers + plane crash diagonastics the countries were are the caber men pls print out good result and let us proceed
  • Majority of police force we av in dis country doesnt av passion for job . He/her only think of makin their pocket.
  • I believe that naija laws are enough what is required is d ability to enforce the laws. will all d problems associated with the federal police automatically disappear wt d formation of state police? d level of coordination now is terrible what wl happen when we hv 36 igps.
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