Goodluck Jonathan second term bid

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I will vote Goodluck Jonathan again if he presents himself for second term, the young man is not doing badly. He has the constitutional right to contest for another term.


  • Goodluck jonathan is sent from God to nigeria he is the president that does his own thing in Gods ways i will vote for him for 2nd term. it is his constitution right to contest for another term.go on my lovely president.
  • The question is not whether he has the constitutional right or not, the question is: is he the best leader for the country?
  • Yes, he is the best among other leaders, indeed, my vote is for him if he decide contest for second tenor. Carry on my good president, i love you. And we love you
  • The fact is that it is too early for this hot chase for 2015 whereas we have 3 solid years for the president and his team to deliver the promises of 2011. Let us support the President with constructive criticisms and encouragements. At the end of his tenure we ‎​Çãή now say kudos or shame to him.
  • @Frediebell:A million kudo for u,I support ur comment.
  • It is a big pity to see the man on whom every Nigerian repose a trust in just about a year ago now bidding, scouting, clamouring,yearning and lamenting for a 2nd Term admist of insecurity,austerity, unemployment among others. Well, he is a ruler not a leader.
  • @Chigozie, your sarcasm is very attractive.I hope we will vote both GEJ and PDP this time?
  • It's only a failure dat repeats a class.@frediebell, i vote 4 ur comment
  • Much ado about nothing- you people are just be curios about the presidency. Igbo adage says- whom you are calling has not responded and you said he/she should disappear. Do know the mind of his exellency? Why not talk about Bokoharam,Unemployment,Fuel scarcity,Power,Peace & unity of the nation,etc. Or do you guys want to put words in the mouth of the president? Please be careful what you say, the hot sit mighty be yours tomorrow. I love you all.Thanks to all.
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    @ski you made a great point, but we've all seen this movie before, we know where it will end. It is almost certain that the president will run for second term. The PDP is strategising and has said the party needed a complete spread in the south-south to deliver second term election of President GEJ in 2015. There is also a pending court case where President Goodluck Jonathan has asked an Abuja High Court to dismiss a suit seeking to stop him from contesting the 2015 Presidential election over claims that he is already in his second term in office. You can check the link 

    So can we not conclude that the President have spoken?
  • You are right, but sincerely speaking, he is constitutionaly eligible and can challenge any quarters on that, it does not mean he actualy wants the sit again. Asuming you are the one, you will still do same. It is not time to cry wolves, give him chance to appear on regalia. Allow the sleeping dogs. As you said, African leader love sitight, who knows, Gej might be different. Let us support him to finish the one he is running first. 2015 is by the corner, lets watch and see what the goat in the ban is upto. Thanks.
  • People vote God chooses, if Jonathan is 2015 God's choice, so be it. It means he has reasonable plans for this country.
  • Yeah d guy is doing great., if he should come 4 d second time I personally will vote 4 him d second time......

  • Gents & ladies, one does not carry all eggs in one basket; rem wat hapnd to Abacha & Yara, who do u think can substitute Gej as nxt przdnt. Can Nig. ever get female przdnt?
  • The man is copitent for that office, let's give him a support for next tenure. He must rule again.
  • What else should we expect from GED??
  • Goodluck Mr president should know that we Nigerians are watching him in all that he dose and when the time comes, we respond accordingly. Best of wishes to him and his cabinet.
  • I dnt believe in Goodluck for second term
  • Why will Farouk Lawan by so cheap to bought with $620000 scandal,
  • I dnt also support GET to go 4 second term...
  • He has the right to contest for second term as stipulated by the constitution but he shall also know that we nigerians also have the right to elect who we want. He should also bear in mind that the crisis we are facing now the (boko haram) and their useless and babaric bombing, and idiotic killing of innocent people in the name of God knows what are all becos of the 2011 elections. So he should be aware of that.
  • U better change ur plan 4 d responsible and deserve leader (nmadi or buhari)
  • There are many problems with Nigeria but the biggest of them is the vast majority of her citizens who are ignorant, greedy and without values. They keep electing morons to lead us, and would not stop until this country is totally destroyed. It is amazing to hear that when a leader is without honour, it is ok. May God save us from ourselves.
  • Well, I think what we need to do for now is to support Mr president and with good advice to fulfil his promises for this tenure, second term election is not the next issue for now. Thank you.
  • Let us join hands and support mr president cos he needs our help to fulfil his promises cos the guy is nt doing bad.may God help him, for second tenure, i tink i will still vote 4him.
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    U guys are speaking for the betterment of Mr president,there are lot of things happening in the country,unemployment,boko harram even kidnaping because of bad leadership...if he can eradicate the issue that be yelling in state,i know people south!! Will support him for 2015 presidential president try to rethinking about the people you grant amnesty they are helping the country,what about the graduates in street of Nigeria this country need who will listen to the masses...
  • Goodluck jonathan is a push and start president he dont hv the quality as a ruler may be becos he read botany and he shud not try to contess for second term
  • The question is,if its not GEJ, who will,i know we expected so much from him i still think we should give him another chance to see if he can really act on things that matters.
  • D president is a man i expcted to do d rit tin nd shun all manner of evil. But is like he's afrad of some centain persons. We need a president dat will make who ever gos outside d constitution shuld b brouth to book. Now somebody said dat he knws vry well who des bokoharam are nd der leaders nd he's just dancing around d bush. For godsake he is d man nd he has d constitutional rit to do wat is rit, y d fare. Let hm do wht d pass president of gana did nd his name will b wrtin in d book of histry. D yuth suported him nd uptill now d grup cn not say dis is what he has done in tems of enplomnt, education etc...
  • I'm sorry brother, GEJ is not the type of the President Nigeria needed, I know from your view, you are canvas for him against 2015 Election, which cannot possible. Nigeria is a great nation, which cannot handle by small and incompetent GEJ.
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