On Dame Patience's 2month plus absence

edited October 2012 in General
I don't rilli get it!durin d interview by NTA,d ist lady branded d news of her ill health as a rumour,sayin dat she was neva in a German hospital either 4 fud posionin,tummy surgery or terminal illness as carried by sum newspapers.She also said her hubby was very ok wit her figure nd dat she didn't nid 2 add or reduce 2 feel gud.If all dis were mere rumours,den wat is d gospel truth?Who did Jonathan take d kids 2 visit in a German hospital?y were top rankin Nigerian officials goin on a frequent visit 2 dat particular hospital in Germany?durin d interview y did she tank God 4 her life(if she's nt truely sick)?nd y did she also tank Her supporters 4 prayin nd standin by her 2ru her TRIAL periods?Nigerians is d truth 2 much 2 ask 4?nd lastly my fellow citizens,d last tyme i checked;illness was nt a crime,or ve dey reviewed dat part of d constitution witout our knowledge 2?


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