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What Nigeria practising is it Democracy or Democrazy


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    Is 'demoCRAZY' cos their value system is wack, their sight is full of wild ego, their tots is selfishness, their words is nothing but deceit, their steps is atrocities their smile is always controversial. That's Y (DE re MO CRAZY)
  • Dats just d true,, tank God we are now wise.
  • Really d democrazy in our country is a mess,which way out my fellow country men?
  • I don't tink der is a way out,D problem is not mainly from D central government but from D grassroot level cos D local chairman need 2 be asked dat in wot extent can dey justify der runings of der local council cos dat is where pple or D citizenry felt D impact of D Govt and how are dey able to consolidate democratization ?
  • Its gud 2 b on dis forum guys.Now 2 d que,evry Nigerian knows dat Nigeria simply practise DemoCrazy ,its juz d bitter truth!
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