Nigerian contitution

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The nigerian constitution needs to b reviewed,u can imagine a nigerain senator earning more dan d american president.nigerian's democracy is too expensive.for nigerian to realy move forward, d constitution must b reviewed


  • which way are we going in this country self,how can a set of a people will be putting us on a basket without any good benefit.There should be REVIEW of the NIGERIA constitution to give a better room to graduantes to be able to have something to lay there hands up pending the time they get job.If we want this our country to move forward.There are so many ways we can make things work well for us in this country.Honestly speaking we can get things rig
    ht done..(1)..In any good countries of the world the life of there youth come's first bcs to build/having a good family house the parents must have good thinking for the future of there children,but in the absent of this act in a long or short run the house will colapse.So our good people of these Nigeria pls think very well to make this country a better place for us.Long life Nigeria and long life for good people of my country.
  • I love nigerian
  • Nigeria is xpected 2b mor dan wat it is 2day
  • Y is Nigeria govt diff 4rm odas?
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