What are the Strategic ways to challenge this corruption.

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It is clear that over 90%nigeria cases are by corruption. Now, what can we do to disgrace this devil?


  • If i may suggest,
    1. Treatment of cases at our law court should have a definite time at a court, as per their gravity differencies.
    This contineos adjournment on every case make it burdened for this large number of poor nigerians. Now, very few at favour.
    2. Every body need to be train as a lawyer or as a military officer so as to ensure righteous movement by all.
  • 1. I think we should stop reging election.
    2. We should stop inflections of contracts.
    3. The court should have a time frem for a case to be discharged. If a case is been prolonged then that give room for coroption.
  • The one and only strategic way is the fear of God.
  • God touchs me that Elimination is the best dimensional way to ur goal.
  • If not, the most corrupted one (now above the law of our land) will still be chasing other fairly corrupted & total innocent ones by the law.
  • It begins with me and u, lets stop the bad things we do...
  • The opinion stated by everyone is well considered. I agree with you all particularly EbbiraAdayi1 and Halilu.
  • It would help if cases could be determined quickly but fixing a definite time frame is not a viable solution. The alternative, which many states are working on is to provide an alternate dispute resolution platform so people don't always have to come to court and the judges are freed up to attend to the major issues quickly.

    I also think it could help if we manage to demand accountability from our leaders. Ask questions and not leave it all to God. If they know we're waiting and watching and willing to react there will be less impunity and that is the first step in the very long walk to a Nigeria free of corruption.
  • The Possible Way 4 Nigerian Is To Eradicate The Corrup Leaders come 2015
  • Abdulharder, I agree with you totally. With the power of our votes. We can eradicate them all in 2015. We should vote for the right person and protect our votes.
  • In furtherance to this topic, there are reports that on the day that Saudi Arabia announced the beheading of seven men for stealing, Nigeria announced a presidential pardon that included two people who were convicted for stealing.


    What do you have to say to this?
  • Clearly, this is a proof that we are at the stage of anti-HOLY LAND.
  • EbbiraAdayi1, what this shows is that our government is not really serious with fighting against corruption as it seem to profess. Our actions as a nation do not portray our seriousness to tackle this problem. The authorities need to do more than pay lip service to this problem and face it squarely. There is a bill for stiffer punishment against oil bunkery. Good as it is, there is a need for a legislative arm to provide for stiffer punishment for acts of corruption.
  • Unless we are joking, who has ever out there requesting from our leaders ACCOUNTABILITY that has succeed in Nigera.
    You will be a noise maker.
    Look, our national anthem & our national pledge is nothing other than dramatic songs these days.
    The MONEY in Nigeria bag is that they are dreaming for not service to better Nigeria.
    Before a project complet, by wast &lost of materials +inflation, the cost for one would have reach for 2 of it atleast.
    As ...
  • As per accountability moreso, can our present Army chief give reason how states in northern & western Nigeria (of over 10 millions people each) to be given 200 candidate each, where a state in east (of 3 millions ppl or less) then to be given 400 candidates in recent recruitment excerice. Is C.O.A.S Given account to any one?
    Can one out there Explain? And what our constitution stated out in this regard?
    The most lazy jobs today is Government job. That is y ppl re running into govt. work.
    See Education sector,it seems below average can even proof their acclaimed papers. The PhD to finish the Nigeria wealth.
  • Accountability can be ensured first by exposure of corrupt officials and then by mounting pressure on the appropriate authorities to do what is right.

    Regarding the employment scam in a number of ministries vis a vis the Federal Character, Section 14 (3) and (4) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) provides for "Federal Character" principle to be observed in all government agency, ministries and parastatals. The aim of this as stated in Section 318 of the Constitution is "to promote national unity, foster national loyalty and give every citizen of Nigeria a sense of belonging to the nation".

    However, this provision has been abused by public servants who make use of this provision for their selfish interest, nepotism and favouritism.

    Your pains felt by many are your views are shared by a number of people.
  • Now, what is our way out , If the vry one to questioning corruption now corrupted or benefiting from corruption ?
  • The problem of corruption in Nigeria seems to be one that defies a solution. However, there isn’t a problem without a solution. As such, I also request for suggestions in this regard from members of this forum.
  • In this regard, i have 2 suggestions.
    1 Elimination may be the possible measure If tribalism, religious & regional sentimental cases switched off
    2 total death penalty to corrupted officers is another strategy but only possible if the justice ministry office given to foreigners .
  • EbbiraAdayi1, I sincerely appreciate your contribution not only on this particular post above but on your involvement in this thread since August 2012 when you started it. This shows your desire to be part of the solution to Nigeria’s problem; the chief of which I dare say is corruption.

    I align myself to your first point and the earlier part of your second point. However, I do not think it would be in the overall interest of the country for the Ministry of Justice to be handled by foreigners. Apart from the fact that it would make mockery of our judicial system, its practicality is in serious doubt.

    Once again, I appreciate your regular contribution.
  • Where 2 dogs were fighting over a piece of meat, is a lucky chance to a cat.
    These tribal, regional & religious cases were in fact the object that entangled all Nigeria youths in the net of slave.
    It lock-up youths against chasing accountabilities from our leaders.
    This also serve as a back-bone for Nigeria enemies among nigerians.
  • I understand your position Ebbira and you are right, the youth have been distracted by religious and tribal issues.  we're walking in different directions that is why we are still unable to walk in the one direction we need to, forward.  It is my hope that soon we will remember that we are all Nigerians and focus on the things affecting our Nation not our tribes, regions or religion.
  • Oladimeji, I understand your position. Are you advocating for a fundamental constitutional amendment like the removal of the Federal Character as advocated by some quarters? It is often believed that the Federal Character sacrifices meritocracy on the altar of tribalism. I would appreciate your contribution in that regard bearing in mind that the country is a federation and there is the need to protect the interest of the federating states.
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  • It all about the bribe that alll our leader are involved
  • we most trutful,
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