Creation of State Police, is it going to solve our security challenges?

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While ar governors agetating for creation of state police when we know the challenges we have at handm. Both federal Αn̶̲̥̅̊d̶̲̥̅̊ state level. The question is have we been able to put all necessary facilities on ground for the police we have now to combate crime?do we have well trained officers? are the police on ground well paid? All these ar issues we need to tackle before bringing in more responsiblities to ourselves...


  • The governors have not adressed the issues of bad roads, internal poverty of the ppl in the state to mention jst a few & its a state police that would be better so that the incubent state Govt can torment his opponent in a legal manner, Nigeria sha, & these are the ppl we voted for, the country is just sick!
  • True talk ​M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ brother elvoo. We have one hundred Αn̶̲̥̅̊d̶̲̥̅̊ one issues to tackle. For me let them forget this state police of a thing
  • I don't agree with the proposition
  • STATE POLICE! Can we trust the Political class with such an instrument as State police???
  • Creation of police station is not d solution of ds prblm,bt my fellows nigerians let b unity 1st on ourself b4 conjugate in creation a state police in d country let prey 4 good governance:?
  • We are not yet matured for such.
  • Absolutely we are still crowling.
  • And we are bein lead by green snake to provide securrity?who are the securrity and wat are they securring ?wen we have94 % non integrity officers how do u want th 6% to present their diuties in alike and faithfull manner?pls!
  • I think is not a bad thing,but how are they going to run the affair paid salaries. Is it the federal government that will aids or citizen will be torment again on increase in taxes. They should think am well
  • They seek a state police to make them small gods while in power. Short-sighted Fools, they forget time is fleeting. And what will happen when in our ethnic oriented Nigeria, the aggrieved igbo man in Ibadan reports his Yoruba neighbour to the Oyo State Police - which is of course manned and headed exclusively by Yorubas???
  • State Police would be good idea in country where they speak with one voice. Nigeria environment and culture in political arena would not make it work as we expected. Because Politicians would take advantage of it to victimize their opponent, and we should not forget the syndrome of 'Statism' too.
  • So that some people will use this State police to terrorise other tribes in their states. Please the National Assembly should focus on empowerment of youths positively to move this nation forward. Not by empowering them as terrorists in the name of state policing. Re-orientate our Northern brothers and give the poor among them education and empower them positively so that the rich ones among them will stop using them. Educated human been are exposed and can channel their resources in a better production process.
  • Thank s to all that contributed. I stil stand on ​M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ ground that we don't need state police for now....
  • D state polcy is it going to be according to d variouse custom nd tradition of each state so it will take evry one to dir home nd make us one as a nation or dey re looking for away to enrich demsalf as usual. D previous polcies dey've made how well have inplement it?
  • Hello my 4rm d sinsire spks naija is going 2b devide dat d only way out
  • State police exist in other nation why should Nigeria should left out in the scheme of things
  • We don't ve to do things just cos others re doing it. We have 2 consider our environment & be sure dat we re ready 4 such a change. Nigeria is not ready & matured enough 4 a state police
  • Our environment right! Dats d more reason d call 4 state police Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ necessary. If there Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ state police doesn't mean there wuldt be federal control, there wuld controlling laws on dat. A state Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ in a Ǧ☺☺ϑ position τ̲̅☺ secure Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ polite, far from federal wrong control except there Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ unrest in that state then the federal will take over. There ά̲̣яε̲̣ instance were crimes were covered by either the state or the federal, either will uncover d truth, as a check Α̲̅πϑ balance
  • Let us not be fooling our self, those leaders are itt, the known what to do n they are d problem of nig
  • Mr man go n crt state nt polic
  • Think of it my people that the housas will not turn there states into a sharia laws and you see police men now moving around with matchets to amputate humans, coz every state will attarch their own interest, coz we know the problem we have in this country now is religion, suppose sharia law is implemented in all the northern what will happen to the non Muslim there, because i see it that they thought they've learn enough from the Igbos now they want to be left alone, God of biafra is never tired, someday he will act.
  • If u study de political situation in Nigeria, u will un'stan dat its pure machiavellism in nature, de rules of de game re bn defiled n with justification base on machiavelli principles. 'de means re justified by de ends', moreover, all these societal institutions re merely instrument of oppression by de government on de society, 'karl Marx' there4, all institutions re so much politicized by government agency so as to manipulate de pple mandate n inputs. In dis politicization, de police, army etc re not exemption. Now de police is centralized yet it cannot function effectiveLou n efficiently within de Nigeria society but wen de same Nigeria police move out 4 international peace-keeping mission they return with awards n always maintain first position ahead of every other nations police, who has ever analysis dis situation n profer solution to it? Nigeria police re not well armed yet they work with their muscles n bones, not well paid yet they sacrificed their blood, not sheltered yet they manage, their livers not insured yet they dont care, their children re not properly educated due to lack of fund, no medical care 4 their family or even themselves, they die on daily basis yet no 1 care, Nigeria police is de world poorest paid org, the world poorest pple. No good vehicles, no communications gadgets, no bullet prove no sound weapons, no kids. Are u aware dat its only in Nigeria dat a policeman can go to de public market to buy his uniform? Are equally aware dat its only Nigeria dat stir believe in fighting crime with physical muscle world over using de police? Do u know dat political parties manipulate n make use of the police to achieve their political ambitions. And they do all these through criminal- minded senior officers from de IGP to de zonal AIG to de command CP down to DPOs n mopol commanders, these range of police officers re de problem of ninertia police. State police is de only solution to this whole mess. Consider de police in rivers state, they
  • Hmmmmm every surgestion has is own adv nd disadvantage to. but in dis, d risk is mush more to wat we have on ground.I quite aggree with u all,but is just too bad dat we been living under government of know.......hmmmm
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