Why are Nigerians not patriotic?

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I see citizens of US singing their National anthem with passion and pride. Why are Nigerians not Patriotic?


  • The reason is that,those in power mers it up the way like.I Nigeria,when d national antherm is resighted,u will see they leaders dose who have 2 lived by example doing their own tin.the leaders are the problem of dis great nation.tanx u
  • Yes johnathan God ll punish u except u bring bk all nigerian lifes dat are been loss since u bcome dat ur nonse n stupidity president of dis country u ll neva fine peace in ur life except u brings does lifes "bk"
  • At the risk of being misunderstood, I should mention that I am not in agreement with the last comment. It is settled that only constructive criticism(when necessary) can direct and shape the unacceptable acts, policies and decisions of any government. one hallmark of patriotism in any nation state is the unwavering respect for its leadership. In Nigeria, every citizen knows the problem of the country, the question is, how come they can't solve it or do their part without throwing stones?
  • The simple reasn is bcos most Nigns lack a deep sense of morals 4 dier fada's land. Again our political leaders lack d will power 2enforce our laws. A Nation dat contiue 2encourage mediocrity and promote curruptn wl ever b mired in underdevelopmt... The best way 2get ple do d rite thn is 2purnish culprits.
  • Every govt that expect the citizens to be patriotic should serve as a good example first, i think govt themselves are not patriotic in their decision making, frauding and mis-management of public funds which in consequence increase the level of poverty, so how do u xpect people who doesn't derive any benefits from govt to b patriotic ?
  • @Nigeria Jul14,u do NT hv 2 rander an abusive words at Mr.president.gudluck didn't bring d government from his house he met it there nd besides,cum 2 think of it d past president dt hv ruled us wht effect or positive changes did they bring 2 d nigerian pple?I think we shuld b praying 4 peace nd progress for dis country nt caurses.our system is very corrupt nd is only God's intervention dt we need nd don't also 4get dt d killing of d innocent meses culd b polical am jsting saying.I may b rite or wrong.ours leader shudl b considerate nd stp thinking of themselves and household alone by so doing there wil b peace nd harmony.
  • When we expect our people to be patriotic we must also expect the leadership to rise up to their responsibilities. One of the beauty of democracy is the opportunity to be able to ask questions. We can't expect Nigerian's to be patriotic when their questions about good governance aren't answered. Moving forward as a nation requires the leadership of our great nation providing the RIGHT answers and not just business as usual for the political class. We all know that the greatest challenge of the nation is "fixing" the political class. We want our children to have a country they will really be proud off, this won't drop from heaven. We have to work to build that nation. The time to work is NOW. God bless my country, NIGERIA
  • I love to and I will alw*ys do.but have we asked our self on the types of tools we drawn into power?pls
  • Solution to our weak patriotism, i suggest constitution re.amendment to suppress corruption, or no mercy to corrupted ones.
  • Either the law not complete or is been disrespect. To be respectful, it need to be re.amend so tough to battle the personal interest of everyone, particulary, the bad one among our leaders.
    Becouse the very bad ones will never give one any chance unless the bad , just to protect their devilish activities.
  • @Ebbiraadayi1 Making the law is one thing, enforcing it is another. Nigeria will do well as a nation if the different arms of government  are given ample autonomy as enunciated in the principle of separation of powers, then, citizens can enforce their rights in the courts of law, Judges can interpret the law without fear or favour, political office holders can perform their duties in line with their oath of office and there will be general orderliness in the country, just because the system works. these are some of the major underpinnings to what makes great countries like the US, UK, Japan, China and permit me to say south Africa.
  • To represent something you hav to be proud of it ,in d'case of nigeria the corruption in the country has made it difficult for its people to be patriotic and be proud of it.we the people cause corruption we complain about it and still practice it,all im saying is we should hav a reason to be patriotic as a girl of 15 years old iv come 2 understand that it is the leaders that cause us 2 b lyk this its left 2 we the younger generation 2 make d''difference or there will b no reason 4 eny 1 to b patriotic in d'nearest future
  • Most citizen of nigeria are not patriotic cus how leaders are not partriotic ,cus if how leaders are patriotic what ever policy d implement will be democratic I:e to say dat it will be for d benefit of the people nt for der intrest. Nd also we the citizen are to b blame we educate her yonger once wit bad politcal socialization such has : how gov is bad so if . U Can beat dem join dem hw do u xpect such person to lov his country if all he hears is bad about is country . I will like to encourage d govt nd citzen to chage der ways nd try to lov der country cus one man kan nt bulid a manssion we all need to walk together tank u .
  • Nigerians are not patriotic is the subject matter here. Who are these Nigerians? We are all casualties of these ugly scenario. We are ill mannered, lack self-respect, morally we are depraved, we champion in selfishness, and have least regard for elders and leaders. We need real orientation to life in general, and learn modesty and sacrifice even at our own expense.
  • Its is wrong to generalize that all Nigerians are unpatriotic. However, u may be right to say that a good number of Nigerians are unpatriotic. This is because the Nigerian State has failed largely in honouring her own part of the social contract.
  • most Nigerians are not patriotic because of the failing government.
  • Patriotism how will showed at the Internet is a special strength of mind. She is develops at first in heart, then goes to mind and further turns into action. Despite everything of that paotrity all persons of men has to be to first of all for himself and not to doubt anything. That will must as speak in interesting nigeria breaking news that Nigeria and all nation will be strong and nothing can't stopping.
  • Because the society encourage it. People that are not corrupt are seen as not important stuff. But I think every Nigerian have to think of better Nigeria from our various little corner. By some doing Nigeria will be a better place.
  • @Manyamidah, it's true. If we all do what we can in the little way we can to make Nigeria better; in the end, Nigeria as a whole will be better.
  • let our leaders start first
  • Nigerians Have to do alot of things, to bring about patriotism. One of such is freedom from discrimination, equality of citizenry liberty and some other fundamental human rights.
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