Do we have laws in this country?

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Less privilege people are really suffering in dis country but are they meant to go thruogh this hardship in life?


  • Your above statement is true and your ending question poses a question that equally baffles a number of Nigerians. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Your suggestion on the way forward and/or effective ways to bridge the gap would be appreciated.
  • There are laws in Nigeria and there are also law enforcement agents (or agencies) in surplus supply but the political will of our leaders is not there to give strength to these laws. Laws are hardly enforced. In fact, many laws in Nigeria are observed more in breach than compliance.
  • @Kennygbite, I totally agree with you.
  • Y I ask is Nigerias law so strong to hold the weak, and too weak to hold strong?
  • hmmmm! rule of law my foot.s system where its judiciary is stinkingly corrupt u can hadly hv rule of law. only God can enforce rule of law where the poor can not be cheated and justice is the banner of the govt. jst make sure u give ur life to christ and enjoy the govt of righteousness.
  • Of course we have, but the one who has more money always be the winner . .
  • Most Nigeria jury jurisdiction lack equity. Equity is the base for justice, without equity jurisdiction is said to lack free and fair of abnormalities. This need change, I think the present era will look into that as soon as possible.
  • In nut shell Nigeria as a country do have law but the jurisdictions system most do lack "equity" that's we should look into.
  • Our laws are strictly enforced and active on the poor masses, but the rich break the laws and get away with it. Let the judiciary stop being bias and enforce the laws strictly on both the rich and the poor, to make Nigeria a better place for everybody.
  • @Gabriel Ayuk, the judiciary is indeed trying her best in ensuring sanity in the nation. The reason why it seems as though the poor are facing the full wrath of the law and the rich seem to be going scoot free is one of access to justice.

    In other climes, everyone has equal access to justice and some even have legal expenses insurance. However, we do not have such in Nigeria and those who can hire senior advocates to defend them favorably argue their cases and win.

    God bless Nigeria.
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