Iis't too bad for a child of under 18 to own a girl friend? What will be his quilty if he happen to do so, i mean what wil be against him if he or she dose so.?i had a girl friend but her parent try to bring wahaala to us, making comment of aresting me, what did u think will be a save way in the police or law court if it got to they? I need legal advice, this parent re police men an am only a low level educated personal.,


  • From your question, I assume you are a male and you are below 18 years of age. Individuals below 18 years of age are by law still under the custody and guidance of their parents. As such, they cannot take major economic, political or other decisions without the consent and permission of their parents. Parents of under aged individuals can bring legal actions on behalf of that individual against offenders. As such, her parents have a right to bring an action against you if they feel your interaction with their child bring about illegal consequences.

    That is not to say you do not have a constitutional right to freedom of association. However, you must know that where your right stops another person's right begins. You can send ask further clarification if need be.
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