Constitution Review: Local government

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-Should Section 162(6) be amended to abolish ‘State Joint Local Government Account’ so that allocations due to the Local Government Councils would be paid to them directly?
-Should the Constitution be amended so that the power to create local government areas now rest exclusively with the states, such that states assume responsibility for the funding of local governments?
-Should there be a defined tenure for Local Government Chairmen/Councillors in the Constitution?


  • people hv started douhting whether local govt is in existance.for d fact dat its nt recognise as d 3rd tiers of govt.nw 4 rapid devt at grass root level there is need 2 grant L G their own autonomy
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    The Constitution guarantees the autonomy of the Local Government to a very great extent.  The Courts have also assisted in ensuring the autonomy of Local Governments within the country. The problem with Local Government autonomy of Local Government emanates from the lack of State government to give autonomy to the Local Government and the weakness of the Local Government to fight for that autonomy.
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