Mis-management of fund

The legal effect of stealing church money as d officer of d organisation


  • Stealing is illegal and unlawful. Section 383 and 390 of the Criminal Code Act defines and punishes stealing. So when an officer steals church money, he is guilty of stealing. He should be reported to the police station for necessary action to be taken.
  • But does it mean that an officer in the church that embezzle(stole) will also be prosecuted by d state but not by d church bodies
  • Solomondebest, it depends. This
    is because stealing is a crime punishable by the state. Once an individual is
    reported to the police, the police takes over the action and prosecute the
    suspect in the Court of law.

    However, if the Church wants to
    sue by itself in a civil action, the church is to consult a legal practitioner who will
    sue for an account of fund in the procession of the individual. He may also
    choose to go about the issue in another way he deems fit.

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