The legislative financial reclessness

It baffles me that the National Assembly could wait huge amount of money and efforts on reviewing our Constitution, and upon the whole processes, the constitution remains injusticeable.
The last review cost about four billion naira (#4bn), and yet inconclusive.
What a wicked & wasteful generation of "law makers".


  • So far, they hv succeeded in making laws that suits their interest; protecting themselves only through deceptive legislation.
    How many of their bills seek to protect the welfare of Nigerian citizens, both home & abroad?
  • I sincerely pray that the 8th assembly will get it right, by the grace of God.
  • Kehidupan saya hancur setelah bertemu dengan seseorang di sosmed. Saya berharap di forum ini akan menemukan pasangan terbaik yang tidak akan mengecewakan saya di agen sbobet
  • Critics does not help matters! Pray
  • may Almighty Allah let the 8th assembly to discharge dere duties for Nigerians who sincerely chose them to represent them dere
  • The leadership of 7th assembly did en gross in financial impropriety without any patronage channel towards the downtrodden whom they claim to represent, we hope the 8th assembly will jettisoned the path of its predecessor and focus on a legislation that will enhance betterment of life of the preponderance electorate, God bless nigeria.
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