Nigeria; A "militarized" Federalism.

It is no longer a debate among Political Scientists and other intellectuals that our so called federal and it's fiscal federalism is nothing but an imposition and continued hegemony of a group over others.


  • I totally agree! I do not see any provisions for the States to be responsible for their citizens! The Federal should deal with policy making, laws and regulations. Leave the States to take care of the people living there! The Federal government needs to use checks and balances and Separation of powers to monitor the States making sure they do not get out of control with power!
  • @Democrat and @Chilois204, I am tempted to agree with you. However, the fact that for the past 16 years, our federalism has seemed like a unitary system of government doesn't mean that federalism as a concept is bad.

    From the posture, stance and sayings of the new government, it is safe to say that we will most likely experience a rebirth of our federalism. For instance, it was recently stated in the news that the presidency intends to probe the funds allocated to local government through the states and ensure that they are duly disbursed. This to me is a step in the right direction.

    Let us stay positive and keep our fingers crossed.
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