embezzling of public funds

When d govt fix a death penalty as d wage of embezzling public funds corrupt leaders will think twice b4 embezzling public funds


  • I will agree with you only on one condition, if Nigeria as a nation has the system that works.

    The Legislative arm of the government is a fraud, The Executives arm is a fraud and the Judiciary is also a fraud. Then who enforces this Law?
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    Let the law take it place,for now we are not searching for the people that free from corruption to make the law.bet it should be the agreeing of the NIGERIAN'S after the passes of the law then justice pravile.I believe this will brings sincerity.
  • I agree. There are two things I feel can make this situation better - stiffer penalties on corruption and certainty of punishment. If these two are assured, corrupt leaders will think twice before embezzling public funds.
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