Bad governance eg can we rise up to challenge epilepsy of power supply by declaring a day to protest again it .


  • No,nig. Is the great nation,but we collect the
  • Concerning whether Nigeria can rise up, I am of the opinion that Nigeria can rise up. It is for we, Nigerians, to brace up to the challenges confronting the nation as one and we would see an end to all these.

    In the meantime, I think if we all do the little we can to positively affect the nation; I think in the long run, Nigeria will be a better and a desirable place to live in.
  • Yes nigeria can rise up again bt it will take us a lot like being our brodas keep, amend de ways we eat money dat has been meant for usage because if somebody stills a huge amount of money and nothing is been done to him he will av de mind to still again another day so leaders beware
  • Nigeria can rise up.  It will take the combined efforts of all those who wish the Country well, but we can.  Sadly, the collective consciousness is focused on individual interests, on providing for ourselves what the constitution requires our government to provide for us.  if we only hold them up to these requirements instead of being our own governments.

    check chapter 4 of the constitution for some of the things the government owes you.  let us not forget that we owe the government as well, a duty to ensure that we do not disturb the peace or commit crimes and a duty to pay our taxes. 

  • My dear Nigerians,
    we will go no where with some of these servants.
  • EbbiraAdayi1, your opinion is echoed by a number of Nigerians in the light of the current political situation and the behavioural pattern of some of these 'public servants'. The solution to this is as simple as RSVP. At the next election in 2015, let's all Register ti enable us to exercise our right to vote for candidates of our choice, we are to Support the candidate of our choice, Vote at the polling station on the elction day and Protect your vote by ensuring it is coubted and the result announced before you leave the polling Unit. Together, we can make Nigeria better and political leaders more accountable.
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    Yes, we can choose a true leader/s only if the role of money in election can be arrest.
    They (the voters) beleive, is the only way or opportunity to take little out of their own.
    But in what way, masses can be educates to recall that nigeria belong to all Nigerians?
  • That's a valid point my brother. I cannot agree more.
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