Reviewing section 50 of the 1999 constitution.

Will it be wise to review section 50 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, in such a way that 6 months to election, the president, all serving governors, ministers and everyone of them cconstitutionally holding office, should go. So that they don't get to steal government funds to run election.


  • SavnDaniel, thank you for your question. Section 50 does not address the issue raised. Section 50 of the Constitution is in relation to the appointment of the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    From my understanding of your question, the provision of the Constitution which seems to fall in line with the issue raised is Section 132 (2) which provides that “An election to the said office shall be held on a date not earlier than sixty days and not later than thirty days before the expiration of the term of office of the last holder of that office” in relation to the office of the president and Section 178 (2) in relation to the office of the governor.

    Though it is conceded that a number of political office holders especially an incumbent president or governors misuse political office against their political opponent. I do not feel that suggestion would achieve the desired purpose and it would solve the problem. The main issue to be tackled is the corruption.

    The suggestion poses a number of other questions that would need answers. First, does it mean the term of office of political office holders will be reduced to 3 years and 6 months? Second, how will the states and the country as a whole be managed in the absence of the governors and the president?

    For me, if corruption is curbed, issues of this nature will be a thing of the past. God bless Nigeria and God help Nigeria.
  • Thank you so much Babade for the enlightment. I appreciate.
  • You are welcome, sir. 
  • All well said.Besides if care taker committee were to be set,who will make the appointments?Will it not be the same result if not worst because the committee may turn it as an opportunity.
  • How valid will the current constitution amendment be if it does not accord with the provision of section 9 of the constitution.
  • Simplesolar, thanks for your contribution. I quite agree with you. God bless Nigeria.

    Ifeanyi Opara, any Constitutional amendment that does not follow the procedure of the Constitution shall be declared null, void and unconstitutional by a competent court of law in Nigeria upon the application of a concerned individual or group of individuals.

    In the meantime, the former president had taken the Senate and House of representatives over the recent amendment. (See: We await the outcome of the Courts decision.

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