The activeness of the youth in Nigeria

Let the young people of this our era be allow freely 2 make decision n also have a say about themsevlve and also express their feelings to the society at large.


  • The old never sees anything good in the youth but they should not forget that they were once young, if they were not given a chance ,they would not be where they are today.
  • If d youth 've a common front devoid of religious,ethnic, partisan & other socio-political discriminations, only then will they have their fair places in d polity;Which as now, seem completely imposible.
  • What is d age dat we call youth? If the quesion is answered do you feel dat d current adult are ready to quit 4 dis computer age youth ? Pls stop stombraining 4 dis greed adult & save yo life 4 yo family b'cos if de notice dat u are crying 4 change to much dey may think dat you want to instigate the youth aganst them & elimnate you
  • We d youths are d life wier of dis nation, which means we av 2 aspier 4 greater thing dan our parentes av done. If our parents av failed us,we cn nt afford 2 fail ourselves.
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